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Event News​

Myra Soulik


Myra Soulik, from San Jose, has the gift of music. She led worship on Saturday morning, singing worship songs that she composed herself. “Glory to God for everything. I love Him so much. Love the fams and everyone else in my life. Such a thankful young lady I am.” “WOW! What a great weekend!!! I. Stand. Amazed! Thank You Jesus for a wonderful weekend and thank you MOMUSA for putting together this awesome event! Can’t wait for next year!” - Myra

Texter Annes

Texter Annes and his brothers and sisters from San Jose showcased their clothing line called Salvage Islanders. Salvage Islanders was founded on 1 Corinthians 13:13. “Strengthen our people, near and far through Love and spirit. It’s a privilege to be ‘Micro’-nesian meaning ‘small’ and to not be prideful, but honored; to be the greatest among men, you MUST be a servant. Unselfish service to others, to give and not to worry about receiving, that is Love.” “Clothe yourself with strength!” (Isaiah 52:1).


LouAnn Mori Lopez

LouAnn Mori Lopez, a young inspirational artist and worship leader at Island Community Fellowship (ICF), released her CD entitled “Soar” at this year’s event. During last year’s MOMUSA Summer Games Ministry, LouAnn found herself at the altar, of an evening gathering, amongst groups and players of that event. Drawn to the front, she was facing many struggles and constant battles life threw at her, she had no other thought but to surrender. Her calling in music had taken a turn and a higher purpose revealed.

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