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Pastor Sato Suka

My Story

My story is not dramatic as the story of the Apostle Paul, but as you read, I'm hoping that you would find out how the Lord had prepared and shaped my life for ministry.

If you are a Pacific Islander or at least familiar with our culture, big family size is a norm.  I have seven brothers, two biological and two adopted sisters, a total of 12 children.  My dad's name is Joshua Suka, known to many in the islands as a very funny man and a comedian person who enjoyed making others laugh.  My mom's name is Yoshiko Suka.  Both my parents have gone to be with the Lord.  My wife and partner in the Lord's work is Yorita Suka from Chuuk as well.  Funny, we've never seen each other back in the islands but ended up meeting in college here in the US.  God blessed us with five beautiful children, two boys and three girls, Gary, Jannette, Emily, Steven and Crystal and two grandchildren, Jeziah and Isaiah.

I was a church boy growing up.  My parents were active members of our local church as far as I could remember.  And they would always encourage us to go to church.  I've never missed any children's function at our local church.

At the age of 14, my first time to be away from my family for a long time, I went to attend a boys boarding school called Emmeaus High School on Palau, a private school belonging to the Liebenzell Christian Organizaton.  Preceding Emmaus, I was only familiar with my own people of Chuuk.  I used to hear about Palauans hating Chuukese.  In fact, one of my relatives who attended school on Palau had recently been brought back to Chuuk due to a fight he got involved in while attending MOC.  MOC I think is what used to be Micronesian Occupational College situated on Palau back in the old days, (not sure of that name).

Being at Emmaus High School really gave me an opportunity to initially learn that other people are just as nice and beautiful as my own people.  Well, of course you will still encounter a few bad apples everywhere you go.  I almost got into a fight with a classmate from Palau who hated me just because.  But for the most part, everyone took care of each other on that campus.  I was able to get out of my nucleus comfort zone as being a Chuukese and made friends with Palauans, Marshallese, and Yapese who were attending the school that time.

Well, my days at Emmaus High School didn't last obviously.  I was only there for my freshmen year.  After that, I've been transferring among several high schools (speaking of the opportunity to know people from other backgrounds).  From Palau, I've attended a junior high on my island, Southern Namoneas Jr. high,  moved to the USA and attended Mar Vista High School and Patrick Henry High School in San Diego, then returned to the islands and graduated at Chuuk High School in 1979.  There in my senior year at Chuuk High was the turning point of my life where I've accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior through a Christian Youth Ministry to high school kids carried out by the late Pastor, John Robert.  

Fast forward to my College years in the US, my acquaintance of other race continued.   I've had the opportunity to get to know and make friends with Saipanese, Pohnpeans, Kosraeans and beyond.  I tried to befriend to anyone I had the opportunity to run into.  Of course as we all have, there were moments of ups and downs, but through all, as I learned in all these, God had prepared me through the experiences toward the ministry work He had in mind for me in which I am now part of today, the Micronesian Outreach Ministry USA a.k.a. MOMUSA.  I am privileged and blessed to be part on this ministry.

MOMUSA's primary mission is to reaching Micronesians across the United States;  to leading them into a growing relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ; and to help disciple local spiritual leaders for the establishment and strengthening of Christian fellowships in each respective community.

Pastor Sato Suka

Co-founder and President, MOMUSA

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