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In Jesus Name


We are excited to announce that the 2023 Summer Ministry Games is scheduled for June 31 thru July 2, 2023.  The venues for this year's event will be held at the Miramar College Hourglass Gymnasium and the Highpoint Church in San Diego, California.

This Summer will mark the 26th year of the MOMUSA Summer Ministry Games. We are grateful and humbled that July 1st has also been recognized by San Diego County as MOMUSA Day throughout the county. 

Last year's outcome was above and beyond our expectations in terms of registered teams, participants, and distinguished guests including: Helen N. Robbins-Mehyer - Chief Administrative Officer for San Diego County, Anissa Acfalle - President of the Pacific Islander Festival (PIFA), Supervisor Lawson-Remer for the County of San Diego, Tana Lepule - Independent Consultant/Native Hawiian & Pacific Islander Community Advocate & Researcher, John Quichocho - Sons and Daughters of Guam Club, Sean Pangelinan - Islander Elevation, and Mr. Joe Enlet - FSM Consul General. We thank God above for it all and return all praise and glory to Him alone.

Through this event we have seen the growing bond among our young people, and have been blessed to witness young people responding to the Gospel message and surrender their lives to Christ.


We will continue to post updates through the weeks, so please check back regularly.  We look forward to seeing you this year. Thank you and God bless!

Registration Fee: $300 (both Men Basketball and Women Volleyball).

Deadline: May 15, 2023.

Payment Method:  Contact the Sports Team @ or by phone to (619)786-3067.


The Sports Ministry Team


Congratulations to the 2022 MOMUSA Summer Ministry Games Champions!

Men's Basketball

  • 1st Place:  UNGD

  • 2nd Place: Faichuuk BM

  • 3rd Place:  Ainemon

  • MVP:  Maverick Kinareng

  • 3 Point Shootout:  Mahku Moghaddam

Women's Volleyball

  • 1st. Place:  Iakwe

  • 2nd Place:  BASIC

  • 3rd Place:  Lady Bang

  • MVP:  Lynn Andrew

Special Awards

  • Sportsmanship Men's Basketball:  IFC Palau

  • Sportsmanship Women's Volleyball:  TX

  • Best All Around:  Kon



Thank you to Our Sponsors!

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2022 MVP's

Maverick Kinareng
Men's Baketball
Lynn Andrew
Women's Volleyball

His excellence, FSM President David W. Panuelo was unable to be present, however, a letter was presented and shared to the MOMUSA Ministry as follows:

Dear MOMUSA Family,

While I am not able to be with you on this momentous occasion of the 25th year anniversary of the MOMUSA Games event, please allow me to offer my sincere gratitude and an enthusiastic congratulation to all of you.  The gathering of our people and Micronesian families across the U.S. for social events such as the MOMUSA Games in Southern California is such a precious and vital aspect of keeping our Micronesian spirit alive even while you are away from our homeland.  Thank you for all you do to keep our Micronesian communities strong and strengthening their rootedness and growth in our Heavenly Father.  Thank you for taking care of the physical and spiritual lives of our people.


Please know that I am extremely proud of all you do whether as an athlete, a spectator, or as an organizer, I know that you have put so much work into this to keep it sustained for 25 years.  I applaud you sincerely and the FSM is so very proud of all of you.  I pray that you continue to remember your homeland, the FSM, and all your relatives back home.  Please pray for me and for the FSM as I will keep you in mine.


A special thanks and congratulations to Rev. Suka and family, and all your extended family in Southern California who have so diligently kept this going for so long.  It is a testament to your dedication to God and to your fellow Micronesians.



President David W. Panuelo

Thank You!

Special thanks to our MOMUSA Family, Teams and Supporters!

  1. MOMUSA Sport Committee: Suva, Jannette, Teno, Isobel, Emily, Chen Chen, Trevor, Joshua, Surleigh, Bert, Ephraim.

  2. MOMUSA Food Committee: Yori & Julie Petrus.

  3. MOMUSA Worship Team: Sato, Jannette, JOne, Maia, Chen Chen, Emily, Charity. 

  4. MOMUSA Media Team: Chen Chen, Emily, Crystal, Charity, Ako, Maia, Sato.

  5. MOMUSA Webmasters: Sato, Chen Chen.

  6. SPEAKERS:  Pastor Lawrence Yinolang, Pastor Charles Hartman, and Mr. Surleigh Tara.

  7. Pastor Lawrence Yinolang and the Island Embassy Church of WA.

  8. The Tara Family & Kahs in Kohl Ministry.

  9. Mr. Eddie Timarong & our Palauan Brothers & Sisters of the Inland Empire, SoCal.

  10. ANCF Church Family of Pasadena.

  11. Bert and Ywanita Nedelec.

  12. Pius and Yotena Setik.

  13. Julie Aizawa & Family.

  14. Dave & Veronica Robert.

  15. Aaron and Elsie Buggs.

  16. John Akapito & Family.

  17. Nersihna Solomon.

  18. Ako Harper and Family.

  19. Marilyn Martin.

  20. Petrus Family.

  21. Kinsang Family.

  22. Roby Family.

  23. Suka Family.

  24. Lodge Family.

  25. Ludwig Family.

  26. Sablan Family.

  27. Naputi Family.

  28. Jenny and Steve Asher.

  29. Will and Chenchen Rodriquez.

  30. Maxine Suka.

  31. Yorita Suka and Children:​​​

    • AJ Ulutu

    • Beauty Aisek

    • Doris and Niporuch

    • Fe Velasquez

    • Herman and Christina Nedelec

    • Jeniffer Chieng

    • Max Chieng

    • Paul Kama

    • Ted Tofagau

  32. The FSM Consulate Office, Portland, OR.

Last but not least, a sincere and special thank you to our friends who have been very supportive in facilitating our events over the years at the Miramar College Gymnasium:

Denise Lamb

Center Director, City of San Diego Parks & Recreation.

Anna Liza Manzo

Hourglass Park Supervisor

San Diego Miramar College


Memorial Day 2022 

San Diego, California

Memorial Day was celebrated in the form of softball games, food, fellowship and worship.

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