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Welcome to the MOMUSA Sports site!

You have reached the home of the MOMUSA Sports Ministry.  Find out why MOMUSA Sports excites so many young people many of whom return to participate year after year.  Come play the sports, join our worship services and fellowship among fellow islanders this summer, July 5 thru 7, 2024.  Hope to see you there.


March 14, 2024 - San Diego, CA


MOMUSA Sports is happy to announce the Annual Summer Ministry Games are back with official dates of July 5, 2024 to July 7, 2024.  We are also excited to share that Men’s Volleyball has been added on as a new category this year. 


Over the years, this event has been a platform that has given the ministry the opportunity to nurture the up and coming talents, both physically and spiritually.


Each day of the tournament is jam packed with intense volleyball and basketball games as teams go head to head and battle it out towards championships. Worship services also take place daily where the Word of God is shared and personal relationships with Christ is encouraged. By far, the most rewarding experiences are the victories that take place off the courts. 


We continue to pray for God’s favor, His direction, and leading in all of the planning and preparations to come. In all these years, God has worked and has always provided. We are humbled and blessed to be a part of it all. 


We can’t wait to meet again! Stay Blessed!



  1. AZIZA - Arizona

  2. BROs - Florida

  3. ETENEKI - Utah

  4. FAICHUUK - Hawaii

  5. HIGHLANDS - Washington State

  6. ICC A - Oregon

  7. ICC B - Oregon

  8. MIBBC - Guam


  10. MIK - Costa Mesa

  11. RMI 619 - San Diego, California

  12. TRIUMPH - Home Team

  13. UNGD - Kentucky

  14. YOKWE - Oregon


  1. 4TK "THEKULTURE" - Arkansas

  2. GKUMI - Home Team

  3. ICC - Oregon

  4. PASIFICA UNITED - California

Ron and Shanty Asher

Team Lady Bang KSA

"Indeed an incredible weekend!!! Congratulations MOMUSA - San Diego, CA on your 25th Anniversary, deserving of San Diego county’s proclamation recognizing July 1st as MOMUSA Day!  We are so proud to be a part of your Annual MOMUSA Sports Tourney. When you put God First in All You Do, He provides wisdom, sustenance and endless blessings! 

One thing I witnessed over and over at every MOMUSA game is the value of prayer. Every team Honoring Him before and after each game. All Glory to God!


Mahalo MOMUSA crew for never seizing to amaze! By far; the best annual event ever always putting God first! On top of that, you made sure we were fed, hydrated, and felt at home. We love you all!!


May the Lord continue to bless you abundantly! See you all next year, God willing."



  • First Place Champion - Team FAICHUUK from Hawaii.

  • Second Place Champion - MIK, Costa Mesa, California.

  • Third Place Champion - UNGD from Kentucky.

  • MVP - Truby Tadashi, Team FAICHUUK.

  • Sportsmanship - MIBBC from Guam.

  • Three Point Shootout - Mark Santos.​


  • First Place Champion - Team PASIFICA UNITED, California.

  • Second Place Champion - Team GKUMI - MOMUSA

  • Third Place Champion - Team ICC, Oregon

  • MVP - Jane Otuafi, Team PASIFICA UNITED.

Special Thank You and Acknowledgement


  • Pastor Lawrence Yinolang - Island Embassy Church, Washington State.

  • Pastor Charles Hartman - Island Community Fellowship, Arizona.

  • Mr. Surleigh Yinolang - Kahs In Kol Ministry, California.


  • Rudi Tai - Assistant Chief, San Diego Police Department.

  • Tana Lepule - NHPI Representative.

NATIONAL ANTHEM​ - By Misarin Peter


  1. Tara Family

  2. Elsie and Aaron Family

  3. Cinder Nowell

  4. Dave and Veronica Robert Family

  5. ANCF Family

  6. Kahs In Kol Ministry

  7. Chosen Maui Ohana (IEC)

  8. IEC, Washington

  9. Mayleen Panuel

  10. Nedelec Family

  11. Julie Aizawa and Children

  12. Yuri Fritz and Children

  13. The Suka Family

  14. The Roby Family

  15. Naputi Family

  16. Nathalynn and Nathaniel

  17. Gervin Makaichy and Family

  18. The Kinsang Family

  19. The Petrus Family


  1. Julie Aizawa

  2. Julie Petrus

  3. Jane Petrus

  4. Darlene Fritz

  5. Ywanita Nedelec

  6. Elsie Nowell

  7. Cinder Nowell

  8. Taiana Sarmiento

  9. Taileen Edmond

  10. Bert Nedelec

  11. Asi Pangelinan

  12. Petrick Petrus

  13. Steven Suka

  14. Vinny Haruo

  15. Krik Tipekis

  16. JT Mori

  17. Loyal Bualuay


  1. Grabber Power Production, A.C.C.

  2. Tana Lepule

  3. Anissa Acfalle

  4. PIFA

  5. Mike and Asi Pangelinan

  6. COFA Alliance National Network Arizona (CANN)

  7. ICF Church, Arizona

  8. Eter Eter

  9. Mr. and Mr. Ako Harper


  1. Grabber Power Production, A.C.C.

  2. Tana Lepule

  3. Anissa Acfalle

  4. PIFA

  5. Mike and Asi Pangelinan

  6. COFA Alliance National Network Arizona (CANN)

  7. ICF Church, Arizona

  8. Eter Eter

  9. Mr. and Mr. Ako Harper


  1. Miramar College Gym

    • AnnaLiza Manzo and Staff - Miramar College

    • Denise Lamb and Staff - City of SD

  2. Highpoint Church


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