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Welcome to the MOMUSA Sports Ministry website!  We are very happy that you have found us.  We hope that your visit will be educational and enjoyable.

Sports has been an influential activity in many young people's lives. Being influenced by professional athletes and their high exposure on the big screen, we cannot deny that sports has had a big impact on others. It is a ready-highway to reaching young people.

Here at MOMUSA, we recognize this great opportunity and have taken up the strategy of winning young people to Christ through the venue of sports.

One might ask, "How has it been hosting this type of event over the years?"  It has been a tough road, but we have learned a lot of great lessons through our many failures and successes.  Despite the challenges that we encounter year after year, the positive impact upon young people's lives through the facilitation of this sports event is what keeps us going.


Sports has provided a bridge that connects people together and we see that year after year.  Better yet, it has given us the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those God has granted to come.


Please keep us and the ministry in your prayers.


Yours in Christ,

The MOMUSA Family

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