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2018 Summer Ministry Games

Micronesian Outreach Ministry USA (MOMUSA)


Congratulations to Team Palau, Champions of the 2018 Memorial Day Softball Tournament!  On May 26, 2018, we held a softball tournament in which 100 young men and women participated in this year's event.  Team Palau went against Team Kosrae in the final championship round.  The competition was very intense, but as the game ended, the players embraced and congratulated each other.  Although in sports, only one team could claim first place, everyone that came was a true winner.  The fellowship and opportunity to get to know others was encouraging.  See our event photos by clicking on the button below or the photo above.

What a day ! Over 100 young men and women participated in the Word Up SoCal Softball Fundraiser Tournament on Saturday, March 17, 2018. The event kicked off at 9AM in Moreno Valley and later moved to another softball field in Chino Hills - where the championship games were held.


Congratulations to all the participating teams and to those that came from near and far for an outstanding and well enjoyable event. Although Team MOMUSA secured the first place championship title against Team Palau in the final round, everyone played an outstanding game and had a great time, even the spectators. Most of all, the fellowship and worship moment to close the event was the climax of the day.

Special thanks to the hosting team, Mr. Edie Timarong and the Palauan Community for hosting and making this event a success. The MOMUSA Family would also like to extend its gratitude to Mr. Duffy for arranging the softball field for the games and his home for the closing ceremony.


2018 Champions


  • First Place -Faichuuk BM

  • Second Place - FourStar

  • Third Place - Island Bang

  • MVP - Jerry Betiru

  • 3 Point Shootout - Junior Sixx1Nine

  • Sportsmanship - OTF, RMI SD

  • All Around - ICC


  • First Place - Ha' Wahine (Island Bang)

  • Second Place - Ontario Ducks

  • Third Place - Kosrae SoCal

  • MVP - Dessah Sigrah

  • Sportsmanship - Ontario Ducks



  • Triumph (MOMUSA)


  • Sixx1Nine (RMI SD)

  • ICC Y4C (OR)

  • Faichuuk BM (HI)

  • Crown City (LA)

  • Island Bang (KSA HI)

  • FourStar

  • Eteneki (UT)

  • Lucky Sweeds (WA)

  • Team Palau (SoCal)

  • KSA (SoCal)

  • Island Boys (KSA Vegas)


  • GKumi (MOMUSA)

  • Team KSA (SoCal)

  • Team Palau (Inland Empire)

  • Island Bang (HI)

  • Lady619 (RMI SD)

  • Team Ontario (SoCal)

  • KEPO's (El Paso, TX)

  • RMI Titahs (SD)

Congratulations to Mr. Jerry of Team Faichuuk Black Magic for an outstanding performance during MOMUSA's 23rd Annual Summer Ministry Games 2018.  Jerry received the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award of the #SMG2K18 event in the championship final match up with the defending 2017 Champions, Four Stars.


Congratulations to Ms. Dessah Sigrah of the HaWahines Volleyball Team from Hawaii for winning the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award at the #SMG2k18 event.  Ms. Sigrah displayed an outstanding performance during the final championship match up with Team Ontario.  She also won the MVP Award last year at MOMUSA's 22nd Annual Summer Ministry Games event. She is definitely keeping her winning streak going!

Dessah Sigrah
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